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CannonFit Internships

CannonFit offers an internship for those that want to gain knowledge of the personal training world.


  • How to work with different types of people; seniors, youth, athletes, diabetics, Parkinson's clients, clients that need to lose fat, clients that need to build muscle, ...and more.

  • Learn how to set up programming and why.

  • Learn how to do initial screenings, looking for posture related tendencies, fitness levels, muscle imbalances,  symmetry.

  • Learn about nutrition and how it effects the body for different types of people.

  • Learn how recovery with hot and cold therapy and stretching/massage can effect better changes and results.

  • Get actual experience training and working with CannonFit clients.


CannonFit Internship

All Internship applicants must EMAIL (subject: CannonFIt Internship) with name, phone#, your current school attending, grade level, and why you want this internship.

*This is an unpaid internship and hours vary but mostly mornings.

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