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4 Keys To Unleash Your Purpose

Most people don't know what their purpose is let alone work towards it. Here are four things to help you unleash your purpose and start moving towards it.

1. Vision - You must know where you are going so figure out what your dream is? What do you really want to accomplish. It's something that resonates in you. Something you think about a lot. Something you say that it would be a dream to do. That's your vision.

2. Don't EVER listen to the naysayers. If someone tells you that's impossible, use that to drive you to just prove them wrong. There will always be those Debbie Downers that says you can't do that or this. Let that drive you to want it even more! Listen to your gut. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen.

3. Work your ASS off to get it! There is no magic thing to help you get there. There is no secret ways around it. There is only effort. If you put in the effort you can accomplish it! Imagine if you put just 3 hours a day into your vision. You might say you don't have 3 hours a day, but yes you do! Stop looking at your phone. Stop looking at social media. Stop watching TV. You sleep 8 hours, then work 8 hours. You might eat for 2 hours per day, and drive 2 hours. That leaves 4 hours for you to work on your vision, on yourself, on helping others. So organize your day as there is more time than you think. Work like hell, then let everyone know. That's HUGE!

4. Lastly and most importantly make sure you feel complete. Here's a big hint... You can only feel complete as a person if you help others. Give something back! So whatever your vision is, make it involve helping or doing something for others. That is true fulfillment!

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