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Amp Yourself Up!

It takes a lot to get yourself "Amped up" every morning. Sometimes we are tired, or so sore from yesterdays workout, or depressed, or sad, or even mad at something. I know each day brings something new. But there are ways we can get our mind right before you even start your day. When it comes right down to the honest truth... your feelings and the way you move into your day is 100% a mental decision. So before you start your day you must first take care of yourself, especially your mind.

Your mind must be going strong and thinking happy, positive, motivational thoughts before you start work, or even talk to others, or really have any interaction with anyone. Taking time just for yourself is super important first thing each day. There are a few things I recommend doing to help this process along...

1st - Eat a small breakfast. Just enough to rev up the metabolism.

2nd - Take a 10-20 minute walk or get on the elliptical, or any piece of cardio. Again, only 10 minutes can make a world of difference. Just go for a walk, nothing hard. A little cardio goes a long way. One of the best things I've done is go out for a walk and see as many sunrises as possible in your lifetime while taking a walk. It's so powerful!

3rd - While doing that "cardio" listen to a motivational podcast or a positive YouTube video or anything motivational. This is HUGE when it comes to psyching yourself up for the day. Everyday!

Once you're done, finish your breakfast, and get ready for the day. Make this a daily habit before you get your day started and I promise you'll be more alert, more productive, have a more positive outlook, and actually be healthier.

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