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Easy way to improve your health!

Feeling stuck in your health goals? Sometimes we hit plateaus or just lack motivation to reach the goals we really want. Here is an easy way to improve your health goals right now!

Figure out one very specific area of your health that you want to improve upon, then write down...

1. Where are you right now in that specific area? If you don't know or really want the truth just ask the people you hang around with. They will tell you!

2. What rituals got you there? Most likely these will not be good rituals.

3. What do you want? Meaning what's your vision with you in that area. Very super specific.

4. What rituals will get you there? Be super, super specific with this one, and make sure you include a time limit, a date you want to accomplish this by. There might be 2-3 rituals.

Once this is on paper, you should have a plan to accomplish your most significant thing about your health that you want to improve. All you have to do is TAKE ACTION.

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