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Know the big picture. Get your planning road map ready.

Do you know what your big picture is? Its your purpose. Your ultimate goal. Your dream. Sit down and look up like you're looking at a movie screen and see it on the screen accomplished. See it on the big screen! Now that you have seen it, you can now start planning for it.

Start planning out your road map for your life goal, your purpose. How do you do that? Well simple... Once you've written down your purpose, just work backwards. Now write down when you want that purpose to be accomplished by. Now what is your yearly goal to make that happen. It might be more than just one, but keep it simple. Then go back even more. What is your monthly goal? It's a goal you have to attain to reach your yearly goal. Again, simplify it. Now what's your weekly goal, and of course your daily goal. What can you do daily that will help you achieve your weekly, monthly, yearly, and your ultimate purpose?

This is your road map to success! Follow this road map, don't leave it. Don't sway to the left or right of it. Stay on course daily, and focus on your smaller, short term goals. This will keep you on track, keep you focused and engaged on the ultimate prize... your dream!

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