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Win The Weeks

I've spoken before about shortening your purpose to yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. Today I want to elaborate a little on that and talk about "winning the weeks".

Every week on Sunday I write my "W" legs, thanks to a mentor of mine Todd Durkin.

I take about 20-30 minutes and type out (cause it's more professional) three main things;

1. All my "wins" that I had from the previous week. This could be that I had a solid phone call with a perspective client, or I signed up 2 new clients, or I lost 1 pound, or I did all three of my strength training workouts this week, or I got some equipment moved from one place to another, or I played with each of my kids at least twice each. A "win" is anything good that happened and made you feel more accomplished.

2. All my "Ah Ha" moments I had from the previous week. These are things like when you read a book and something just clicked that made sense or when you listen to a pod cast and something clicked. Or when you've been trying something for a long time and you finally figured it out. Or it could be something that made or go WOW! Something big like signing up 5 new clients at once.

3. Goals to achieve for the upcoming week. Not huge goals, but attainable smaller goals, which could turn into your "wins" if achieved.

Once you're done typing it out make sure you post it somewhere you are going to see it all the time like on your desk at work, on your dash board in the car. If you read it daily or more than once per day you will be more likely to get those goals done. And when you re-read all your "wins" from the previous week you tend to want more "wins and work harder to get them.

Why do we do this?

You need to celebrate your "wins"!

*You need to remember your "wins"!

*You need to know how many "wins" you actually had over the whole week. It's a lot more than you think.

*When you write down your most important goals for the week, it keeps you on task!

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