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Hi! Thank you for checking out my Health & Fitness Coaching program! My program is specifically designed for you. I specialize in the over 40 man or woman looking to be stronger and as versatile as possible, as well as sports performance training, specifically speed and conditioning. At CannonFit I work with those who are ready and willing to make a change.

I concentrate more on the overall aspect of health and fitness. Being over 50 years old myself, I understand that the body breaks down. My goal for you is to get you out of any physical pain you might have through rehabilitation and preventative type exercises so you can feel better again. I also want you to become as fit as possible to keep doing the things you want to do without hesitation. Your health is a main concern with me and I hope you’ll give my program a try. I'd love to have you on the #IAMCANNONFIT team!

The value that I know you will get from working with me as your health and fitness coach is priceless. Not only will your physical body improve, but I also have so many members of our community write each day describing their mental and emotional improvements from my program as well. Make sure you sign up for a free consultation and don't forget to subscribe to get all the CannonFit information.

 Chad Cannon

4x per week
Fat Loss Program

4x per week Fat Loss Plan

*1-Lower Body /Core Day

*1-Upper Body/Core Day

*2-Total Body HIIT Days

Individualized Fitness Program,

Nutritional Planning, MYZONE HR Zone Training, Accountability.

2x, 3x per week
Fitness Training

2x or 3x per week fitness sessions based on goals, time and money, Nutrition Planning, Individualized Fitness Program, MYZONE HR Zone Training, Accountability.

*Increased Health

*Fat Loss

*Sport Performance

*Fit After 40, 50+

*and more...


6-Week Start-Up

Rev up the metabolism with healthy nutrition, muscle strength for fat burning and a higher fitness level.

During this time training will be 3x per week.

It is suggested that everyone start with this program.


Listen to the latest and greatest Push-ups & Pizza Podcast to hear the different views of health and fitness from a trainers standpoint and a clients.








Don't just be fit. Be CannonFit

Studio: 843-707-9940
Direct: 843-263-6287

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