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Hi! Thank you for checking out my CannonFit programs! My programs are designed to be as strong and as versatile as you are. That’s why my workout routines are made up of things you might say are easy, and things you might say are very unconventional but so good! At CannonFit I train anyone who is ready and willing.

Many people say they've never had a workout like my workouts! I supply you with new and innovative workouts each time you come see me so you can get the most out of your workouts and never get bored! Get a taste of all training styles from HIIT to traditional lifting all with my special spin. I hope you’ll give my program a try and if it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time. I'd love to have you on the #IAMCANNONFIT team!

The value that I know you will get from working with me as your coach is priceless. Not only will your physical body improve, but I also have so many members of our community write each day describing their mental and emotional improvements from my programs as well. Even with all that value, I wanted to keep my fitness program affordable, so I priced it at less than my competitors.

                                     Chad Cannon

The way we need to train our bodies completely changes after the age of 40. The way we trained in our 20's and 30's  just doesn't have the same effect as it used to. Total body workouts, more functional type training, and high intense interval training is best and most effective for the body after age 40.




*SPECIAL NEEDS (Parkinson's, MS, etc.)

Calling all athletes! Training like the Pro's is a Speed & Conditioning program built specifically for your individual sport needs. So many young athletes are spending too much time on crafting their specific sport skill, which means other muscles are being ignored, which causes injury. Train smarter, not harder!


Train anywhere in the world with my 

month to month online fitness plan. Whatever equipment you have... from nothing, to a few dumbbells and bands, to a full scale gym I will design workouts sent to you weekly, a nutrition plan, a supplement plan, a cardiovascular plan, and the most needed of all... the mindset plan of action needed to get real results. Anyone can do this! Only $150/month


Don't just be fit. Be CannonFit

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