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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Are you struggling with creating clarity in your life or is your health & fitness at a point where it’s time to do something about it? 

Achieve your goals with one-on-one coaching from Chad. Through his personalized one-on-one coaching program, Chad will provide a very supportive and inspiring atmosphere that helps his clients overcome obstacles to live their best life. His approach focuses on comprehending each client’s goals and helping the client find their strengths and weaknesses, then works with the client to develop a strategic plan of action for success. 

Chad helps with accountability, which keeps his clients committed to their goals and consistency, thus creating progress. With over 30 years of coaching Chad has helped thousands achieve their dreams, and live their best life possible, making him one of the most sought-after coaches in the industry. 

Are you ready to be Chad’s next success story? Are you ready to create IMPACT in your life? If so, let me introduce you to…

Chad Cannon’s IMPACT Life Coaching


Chad Cannon’s IMPACT Wellness Coaching


What you’ll receive…

Gain a less chaotic life by being more focused on what needs to be focused on rather than distractions. When challenges pop up, which they will, you will learn how to work through them and still move forward in order to achieve your life and/or overall wellness dreams. Once you feel more focused and feel more energy throughout your body, you will start to do more for your body and mind. You’ll start to look better, and feel better, and perform better at everything you do. You’ll gain more clarity and be able to problem solve on a different level.


This program features

  • 1 Initial Introductory session

  • 2 monthly coaching calls (one 30-40 minute call and one 20-30 minute call)

  • 1 monthly life coaching group call

  • monthly motivational emails

  • monthly personalized audio messages

  • monthly personalized video messages

  • 6 months of new coaching content delivered weekly 


This 12 week program offers a more structured, goal oriented, planned out, yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily plan of action to get your health, fitness level and life on track to feel more inspired to live your best life possible and achieve your dreams, and maybe even inspire others along the way.


These life and wellness coaching programs are very unique as I help you find your own answers instead of me giving you my answers. Your answers are based on what will make you happier, and live a more healthy, meaningful, inspiring life. I just help lead you in the direction you need to go in order to find those answers.


YOU are the heart and sole of this program, which means it’s based totally on YOU individually. My programs are not a one size fits all kind of program. It’s what YOU want and need. These programs teach you more structure so you can live with more impact. It’s about facing your fears, working through challenges, as we all have them, and going after your goals and dreams, no matter how small, big, or even gigantic. 


These are both 6 month open coaching programs. The investment for the value you will receive from either of these coaching programs is $3500 or $650 per month.


My Guarantee

If you do the work for even just 30 days, I guarantee your life will be changed forever or your money back!


  • 1 entry to my annual strategic planning workshop held every December

  • Availability to attend coaching retreat (possible separate cost)

  • Chad’s Finding Your Wooooo! Book 

  • Planner workbook

  • SWAG

  • Possible guest spot on Chad’s Live Inspired Show



Fitness Training is also available to add if you choose, online or in-person.


Wellness Coaching plus online fitness training

- $749/month

$550 coaching ($100 discount)

$199 online training


Wellness Coaching plus In-person personal training at CannonFit

- $1149/month with 3x/week training

($550 coaching & $599 training)


-$949/month with 2x/week training 

($550 coaching & $399 training)

If you feel like my program is a good fit for you, or if you just want to talk and learn more about my program, please fill out this form below with your information. I will personally call you back to can discuss it further with NO OBLIGATION!

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