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My Story

Being a former professional athlete I have many aches and pains, mainly in my knees and lower back. A good friend of mine told me about stem cell patches to help with my pain. She had just started them herself for her pains and told me some stories about how others had tremendous results using these stem call patches. I had done research before about stem cell replacement, but the only way I knew to get it was going to a foreign country and paying $25K+ for a stem cell shot. So as soon as I heard about these very affordable patches I jumped on it. I tried 5 days of patches and honestly felt soooooo much better. On the 2nd night I actually slept all night and even dreamed. I hadn't done that in years due to pain. My pain wasn't gone, but definitely got better, and I had more energy than I've had in a while. My workouts were 100% better too! So much more focused on everything I did. I felt so good that I immediately became a brand partner of LifeWave. I highly recommend everyone, and I mean everyone try these LifeWave Patches and they have changed my life! ~ Chad Cannon

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